I get around!

I love being on podcasts, speaking at events and seminars, blogging or writer for any parenting audience, and I'm pretty darn good at it too!

Need someone for your guest speaker series? Do you have a parenting support group and want to bring in a guest expert? How about a panelist at your conference or summit? Or just a killer interview for your podcast? I say, "Yes please!" to all of the above. 

Scroll down to view a few of my podcast appearances.

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Podcast Appearances

Speaking and Teaching

  • "Effective Parenting Strategies that Get Kids to Listen and Succeed" Asbury Elementary School

  • "Why Books Alone Won't Improve Your Parenting" Village Parenting and Second Star to the Right Books

  • "How to Stop Homework Battles: The No-Tears Method" Back to School Summit with Rachael Gallows

  • "Mom Like a Boss" Future Fueled Business Summit

  • "Tips on Momming With Anxiety" Anxious Moms Club of Parker

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