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I love being a guest speaker, teacher, blogger or writer for any parenting audience, and I'm pretty darn good at it too! Need someone for your guest speaker series? Do you have a parenting support group and want to bring in a guest expert? How about a panelist at your conference or summit? Or just a killer interview for your podcast? I say, "Yes please!" to all of the above.  Want to book me?

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Podcast Appearances

Speaking and Teaching

  • "Effective Parenting Strategies that Get Kids to Listen and Succeed" Asbury Elementary School

  • "Why Books Alone Won't Improve Your Parenting" Village Parenting and Second Star to the Right Books

  • "How to Stop Homework Battles: The No-Tears Method" Back to School Summit with Rachael Gallows

  • "Mom Like a Boss" Future Fueled Business Summit

  • "Tips on Momming With Anxiety" Anxious Moms Club of Parker

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