Free Discovery Call

Ready to experience parent coaching for yourself? Want to see if we're a good fit? In this session you'll get me up to speed on all the challenges facing you and your family right now.  I'll help you identify exactly where your problems lie, and show you how to get back on track right away. 

Group Coaching

Ready to create the family behavior and relationships of your dreams? 

It's time for us to work together! I work with moms in my life-changing group coaching program and you will LOVE it.  Pay once and receive weekly live coaching for life, plus my self-paced course designed to transform your parenting mindset and toolkit.  You belong here! 

Free Guide: Kids Who Listen The First Time

Sick of nagging, repeating yourself, and eventually blowing up at kids who ignore you all day? 

This guide will teach you everything you need to know to eliminate broken record syndrome immediately.

I know you, I see you.

And I've been you.

After working with parents for over a decade, and raising 4 of my own kids, I have seen it all, and lived through half of it myself. I know the cycle of committing to being the parent your child deserves, losing control, feeling awful, and committing to being better next time. I have seen the yelling, power struggles and confusion. I know all about the uselessness of threatening, bribing, bargaining and lecturing. And, most of all I know how powerless, lost, defeated, overwhelmed and ashamed parenthood can make us feel.

Luckily, I also know that you absolutely can turn your relationship with your child around, and that peaceful, well-behaved and respectful kids aren't just for the lucky few. It's possible for you too, I promise!

About Me

Who am I? Why am I so good at parent work? 

Whelp, first of all I have 4 kids of my own and have lived the dream (and nightmare!) of parenting through every childhood stage, from infancy through adolescence.

I'm also a Love&Logic (tm) independent facilitator and a life coach, which means I'm not just winging it. But most importantly, I have a unique holistic approach to parent work that includes emotional support, home management skills AND effective discipline that empowers children while improving behavior. 

There are plenty of coaches out there - I am the one for you if you want someone who knows about discipline PLUS the emotion and chaos that make that discipline hard, someone who will give it to you straight, and love you fiercely.

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